<!-- TITLE: Operators Manual --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Almost everything you need to know to safely operate the laser cutter --> Before completing your online quiz and in person induction, you will need to review the [SOP](), [Quick Start Guide](), and the *New Operators* section below. > ℹ️ **Preventing Information Overload** > It may seem like a lot of information, but you will have a printed copy of the *Quick Start Guide* and the instructor to help you through your first few cuts. As such, take your time to get it right. A calm and relaxed operator is a safe operator. You will have the opportunity to be able to keep cutting under supervision until you can cut safely on your own. {.is-info} The articles on this page should be refered to any time you are completing an operation, and you aren't certain on how to proceed. It will likely reference the manufactuers [Instruction Manual]() at some points, and it is important to recognise that these articles are designed to completement the *Instruction Manual* rather than replace it. ### New Operators * [Before your first cut]() * Includes requirement to bring a suitable .DXF file to your induction * [Start up procedure]() * [Using the software]() * [Material positioning and XYZ alignment]() * [Finishing your cut]() > ⚠️ **IMPORTANT** > Prospective operators must read all of the important safety messages in the next section before being trained {.is-warning} * [Major safety considerations](/equipment/laser/safety) * [General maintanence](/equipment/laser/maintanence) <hr/> > 🚨 **Don't read further until you have successfully completed your induction to the laser cutter.** > It may contain some contradictory instructions (i.e., exceptions to the rules) that will make learning more complicated than needed. {.is-danger} <hr/> ### Advanced Operations * [Using "non-approved" materials]() * [Using the rotary axis]() * [Engraving a small design in the exact center of a larger object]() ### Troubleshooting * [The laser head won't move when instructed by the computer]() (i.e. "border view") * [The laser head moves, but won't cut]() * [The enclosure is rapidly filling with smoke]() * [There appears to be a stream of fire following where the laser beam has been]() * [Edges of cut pieces are slanted instead of cut at 90°]() * [The laser cuts the material in some sections but not others]() * [Lines are cutting fuzzier or thicker than normal]() ### Links and Other Resources *There aren't any yet. If you find something relevant that you think would be useful for others, please let the Equipment Managers know so they can add it here.*