About the Committee

The Makers Committee is comprised of an Executive Team who is responsible for the day to day managment and oversight of the Committee and group's activities, and the other Office Bearers who form the rest of the Committee. This means that all members of the Executive are also Committee Members, but not all Committee Members are Executive Members.

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Executive Members

As already mentioned above, the Executive has the power to authorise various activities and actions to occur, such as

The Executive includes the:

  • President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Community VP

  • Education VP; and

  • Innovation VP

Committee Members

Non-Executive Committee Members include the four Ordinary Committee Members (OCM's) and other office bearers as listed in the various sections below.

Together with the Executive Members, all Committee Members are responsible for [...]

Other Relevant Groups


  • Operation Team who ensures the makerspace(s) managed by UWA Makers are kept in good order and well funded, and that events are run smoothly;

  • Community Team who handle communications, as well as organise recruitment, community building, and social outreach type events;

  • Education Team who ensures all of our members know the rules around safety, and that they have opportunities to upskill; and the

  • Innovation Team who are constantly on the look out for new opportunities for students to get involved in making something awesome while at UWA.

Advisory Board

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