The laser cutter is fairly low maintanence. These are the main things that need to be done:

  • Clean the internal vent as required

    • Can be done by anyone using a dust brush

  • Filling the chillers reservoir

    • Should be checked regularly by Equipment Managers

    • Will beep when too low, but should not be allowed to get to that point

  • Occasional realignment of the laser optics

    • As required, only by Equipment Mangers who have completed proper Class 4 laser training, or the retailer

  • Annual service by retailer

  • Replacement of CO2 tube when consumed

If you are a trained operator of the machine and notice any maintanence that needs to be done, please stop cutting if it is unsafe to continue operating the machine, mark the laser cutter as out of operation, and then let one of the equipment managers know ASAP.

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