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  • Access: Training/Induction Management. https://access.uwamakers.com

  • Slack: Arrange an induction, ask a question or general chat. https://makeuwa.slack.com

  • Facebook Where the community hangs out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/uwamakers/

  • Safety reporting can occur in #safety or by emailing safety@makeuwa.com

  • For emergencies, email alert@makeuwa.com

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Top 10 FAQ's

Below are the top 10 most common questions we receive from students, UWA staff and academics, and the wider public. If you can't find your burning question below, try searching for the relevant keyword in the search at the top of the page or by clicking through to the relevant section listed above.

1. Who, or what are Makers?

We are a student run organisation on campus at UWA with the mission of inspiring other students to be more involved with more practical STEM based activities. To do this, we run a makerspace that is available to all students of UWA who want to make things using digital fabrication equipment such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, and more.

We also run a wide assortment of paid and free workshops, exciting activities such as a mini robot fighting competition, host entertaining social events, and..

2. How do I join?

If you're a UWA student, it's as simple as going to the Access Portal and logging in with your Pheme details.

For more information (or if you aren't a student), click this link.

3. Where is the Makers Lab?

We are currently located within the Clough Engineering Student Center, just west of James Oval on the UWA Crawley campus. You can also find us on Google Maps by searching for "UWA Maker Lab". The lab is accessible 24/7 by card for members.

4. What equipment is in the Makers Lab?


5. Can I use <insert tool name here>?

Are you a lab inducted member, and have you been trained on how to use the tool in question? Then probably! All of our equipment requires training before you can use it (as per University policies), including more mundane tools such as screwdrivers (covered in Basic Tool Training) and advanced tools such as 3D Printers (covered under equipment specific training).

Once you've completed the relevant training found under the "Training Section" of the Access Portal, you are likely good to go. There are a few exceptions such as when you are using tools for commerical gain for example. You can read more about those exceptions here.

6. What materials and components can I use?

7. What can be made in the Makers Lab?

If you're a UWA student, it's as simple as going to the Access Portal and logging in with your Pheme details.

For more information (or if you aren't a student), click this link.

8. I want to support the Makers

That's not a question but we are stoked to hear it!

9. Can you make this widget for me?

As a general rule, we do not solicit or support requests for custom work from students, researchers, academics, or any external groups. The resources needed to support just quoting these type of requests is too high for our volunteer run organisation, and the University already provides various paid workshops on campus for these types of requests.

Instead we encourage you to come in and learn how to fabricate the part you need yourself, and we will always be there to support you on your journey to becoming a Maker. We are considering setting up a job board so that

10. But please, it's for an assignment due tomorrow!

Without trying to be disrespectful, you probably had plenty of warning about when it was due, and we're all time poor students as well. Many of us are probably trying to complete the same assignment.

Please don't ask us for help at the last minute as rejection could offend, and that would be unfortunate. Definately don't ask us or one of our members to complete the work for you as that would be plagiarism.

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Want to set up some new equipment or a new training process for the lab? Follow the guide here.

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